[Snort-users] v2.8.4 incorrect logging to MySQL

Loyal A Moses loyalmoses at ...3027...
Tue Apr 14 15:35:33 EDT 2009

Is Sourcefire limited on development skill or man power?

It makes no sense at all to remove one of the most common facilities  
in use by snort users because it is "too complex".

In the end, you'll do what you are going to do regardless of the  
community -- we've seen it before. But don't use "complexity" and  
"bugs" as the excuse.

Sourcefire is a publicly traded company -- Is it smart to be taking  
votes on product development from a mailing list? I wouldn't think so.


On Apr 14, 2009, at 11:52 AM, Jason Brvenik wrote:

> I have an ulterior motive and it is simple.
> Many of the bugs and issues over time with snort have been in output
> plugins. Make one well supported, tested, unified method designed for
> best performance and while doing so it improves the supportability and
> maintainability of the code base.
> On Tue, Apr 14, 2009 at 2:39 PM, Loyal A Moses <loyalmoses at ...3027...>  
> wrote:
>> My vote is to provide as many output options as possible, to help  
>> keep
>> snort used as a tool.
>> The argument of code complexity being a good reason to remove output
>> facilities is only valid if the code is written poorly and not
>> modular. This wheel doesn't need re-invented and this conversation is
>> kind of silly, unless there is ulterior motives for actually wanting
>> to remove this support.
>> Loyal.
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