[Snort-users] tcpdump script

Nathaniel Richmond nate+snort at ...14258...
Wed Apr 8 13:22:11 EDT 2009

Nigel Houghton wrote:

> Quoting Leon to make it clear what he actually stated:
> "The method I use is to keep a limited cache of network traffic via
> tcpdump's ringbuffer mode, a few 100MB of pcap data. When Snort
> raises
> an alert, a process automatically kicks off that extracts the
> session
> that caused the alert from the ringbuffer and stores it for
> prosperity."
> In short, Leon is not using Snort to grab the packets. He is getting
> full session data for the event and IMNSHO he's doing it elegantly.
> p.s. *Everyone* should have upgraded to Snort 2.8.4 already, if not,
> do it now.

Nigel, I understand. I was trying to point out that there can be
value in capturing more sessions than just the one that triggered
the alert.

The Snort 2.8.4 upgrade process was relatively painless.

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