[Snort-users] snort_inline- and ClamAV

Ilo Lorusso sneak147 at ...11827...
Thu Sep 18 09:36:14 EDT 2008


im using snort_inline with clamav-0.92

the command I use to start the ClamAV preprocess is

preprocessor clamav: ports 20 21 80, toclientonly, dbdir /var/clamav

and I can see it initialises properly

but when I do a test by downloading the eicar test virus I get the following
error , Any Ideas ?? on what the problem could be?

does the clamAV deamon needto be running?

09/18-15:22:22.869223  [**] [132:2:1] (spp_clamav) Scanning Failed: (-123)
Input/Output error [**] {TCP} ->

Thanks Regards Ilo Lorusso.
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