[Snort-users] sending netlink message: Connection Refused

Alberto Colosi/SI/RM/GSI/it alberto.colosi at ...14413...
Tue Sep 16 10:32:31 EDT 2008

hi, an information.

while working snort 2.8.3 have stopped to log inside syslog.

I have restarted my machine and I have restarted snort many times. It is 
inline compiled but not working in inline.

After different tests I have runned it not in DAEMON mode and I got a   
"sending netlink message:              Connection Refused"

why it happened? I have changed nothing ....... or at least I think so. No 
other users could have changed anything becouse noone compile or configure 
anything there.

Running snort without -Q, not reading from IPTABLES, it has started to 
work again.

What's on??.

Alberto Colosi
IBM Global Business Services
Sistemi Informativi S.P.A.
IT NetWork & Security Department
 *-* *-* *-*

Member of
IBM Information Security WW CoP

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