[Snort-users] Snort on Leopard 10.5.4...getting there

James Lay jlay at ...13475...
Sat Sep 13 09:56:04 EDT 2008

So I¹ve got snort 2.8.3 running right now on Leo 10.5.4 (YaY).  Dynamic
preprocessors tank with a Bus Error however.  Who do I send the crash log
to?  Also, does anyone have a good plist startup file for snort on OS X?
Everything works but the filter option (example:  ³ip and not host bleh²)
doesn¹t seem to get passed correctly to snort:

Sep  9 19:51:30 slave-tothe-box snort[346]: FATAL ERROR: OpenPcap() FSM
compilation failed: \n        illegal token: "\nPCAP command: "ip and not
port 21746"

Of course, running command line it works just fine (have I mentioned how
much I loathe launchd?).

Danke folks

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