[Snort-users] Windows snort to syslog

Cintron, Jose J. jcintron at ...312...
Mon Oct 27 11:37:04 EDT 2008

I have a snort server running on Windows ( and I have a
remote syslog server running again on a Windows server (
(using Kiwi Syslog).  My snort.conf file says...
output alert_syslog: host=, log_auth log_alert
I've tried changing the address to address port (  I
tried to send to the TCP port (1468) of the syslog server instead of
the UDP port just to check.  I have a sniffer to see all traffic from
the snort box to the syslog server.
And I don't see a thing.  What am I doing wrong (I'm sure that it's me
and not the pig).

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