[Snort-users] icmp pass rules

Stephen Reese rsreese at ...11827...
Wed Oct 22 13:15:35 EDT 2008

Snort is telling me that I have duplicate pass rules.  Do I have to
define the whole rule in order to allow the two pass rules to work?
The first one worked fine until I added the second one.

Oct 22 09:10:28 atlas snort[4680]: FATAL ERROR:
/etc/snort/snort-eth2.conf(58): Duplicate rule with same gid (1) and
no sid.  To avoid this, make sure all of your rules define an sid.

var HOME_NET [,,,,]

# Set up the external network addresses as well.  A good start may be "any"


#Ignore redirects from the main router to internet gateway
var 3825ROUTER []
pass icmp $3825ROUTER any -> $HOME_NET any

#Chatty Minolta copiers
var DI200 [,]
pass icmp $DI200 any -> $3825ROUTER any

Thanks in advance.

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