[Snort-users] best way to match on CIFS filenames?

Jason Haar Jason.Haar at ...294...
Thu May 22 22:55:49 EDT 2008

I'm trying to write a rule to capture uploads of certain filenames via 
CIFS. However, over the years SMB became CIFS, Unicode was introduced, 
etc, etc. Which leads to the current mess whereby my "rule" is turning 
into "rules" as I try to figure out all the combinations.

Anyway, I was wondering if there was any built-in 'normalizing'  
function I could use so that I could look for strings without worrying 
about their case or unicode status.

e.g. a filename of "ntldr.exe" can be "NTLDR.EXE", "Ntldr.exE" as well 
as "n|00|T|00|l|00|D|00|r|00|.|00|e|00|x|00|e".

I am making so many fat-finger mistakes getting that right that I'm 
hoping the Sourcefire guys have too ;-)


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