[Snort-users] ./configure ERROR!

Nigel Houghton nigel at ...1935...
Thu May 15 10:37:40 EDT 2008

On  0, Curtis LaMasters <curtislamasters at ...11827...> wrote:
>    in /lib I have libdl.so.2
>    in /usr/lib I have libdl.a and libdl.so
>    I am running 32 bit version of 10.3 if that matters.
>    ls -l /usr/lib/mysql yelded the same results as yours.
>    ls -l /usr/include/mysql/ is the same except I do not have
>    my_config_i386.h
>    glibc was installed via "yast -i glibc"
>    I am trying to install snort-2.8.1 on OpenSuse 10.3 KDE 32bit.  I can
>    do ./configure successfully without the --with-mysql.  I kind of
>    thought Suse would have a package for this.  They do for almost
>    everything else.

In that case, you should think about using unified output using barnyard
to talk to the MySQL db.

Nigel Houghton
Resident Hooligan

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