[Snort-users] FInal EUSecWest 2008 Speakers

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Fri May 9 00:01:42 EDT 2008

The selected papers for EUSecWest 2008 are:

*   PhlashDance, discovering permanent denial of service attacks against 
embedded systems - Rich Smith, HP Labs

*   Attacking Near Field Communications (NFC) Mobile Phones - Collin Muliner, 

*   Abusing X.509 certificate features - Alexander Klink, Cynops GmbH

*   Phoenix, and automated vulnerability finding - Tim Burrell, Microsoft

*   Cisco IOS Rootkits - Sebastian Muñiz, Core

*   Advances in attacking interpreted languages - Justin Ferguson, IOActive

*   One Token to Rule Them All: Post-Exploitation Fun in Windows Environments 
- Luke Jennings, MWR InfoSecurity

*   Building the bridge between the Web Application and the OS: GUI access 
through SQL Injection - Alberto Revelli, Portcullis

*   Satellite Systems - Adam Laurie, RFIDIOt.org

*   Browser Exploits - Attacks and Defense - Saumil Shah, Net Square

*   WebSphere MQ Security - Martyn Ruks, MWR InfoSecurity

Paper synopses are now up on the website.

This year there will be three Security Masters Dojo courses
on May 19/20, including a new course from Foundstone:

*   Ultimate Web Hacking - Nick Murison, Foundstone, a division of McAfee

*   Advanced Honeypot Tactics - Thorsten Holz, Aachen University

*   The Exploit Laboratory - Advanced Edition Saumil Shah and Christopher Owen 
Net-Square and Consault


World Security Pros. Cutting Edge Training, Tools, and Techniques
London, U.K.   May 21/22 - 2008    http://eusecwest.com
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