[Snort-users] EasyIDS 0.3 released

CoryC oakleeman at ...131...
Tue May 6 02:45:16 EDT 2008

Hey everybody,

We are pleased to announce that EasyIDS 0.3 is now
available for download. This release includes many new
web scripts to make management of EasyIDS even easier.

We've done alot of work to standardize the
configuration in preparation of hopefully many
releases to come. 

Below are just a few of the changes we have made:

* Designed around Centos 4.6 cd1 with updates.
* Upgraded Snort to
* Upgraded BASE to customized version 1.4.0.
* PMGraph for Snort performance graphs added.
* Snort threshold/suppression configuration page
* Moved EasyIDS specific configuration files & scripts
to /etc/easyids.
* Added easyids mysql user for database backups &
future improvements.
* Manual/scheduled local & remote FTP backup
functionality added.
* E-mail alert configuration & notification
functionality added.
* Mouseover-style help messages added to web
configuration pages.
* Added unprotected public web folder for future
* Modified Snort rule updates page to replace invalid
* Modified Oinkmaster script to update sid-msg.map
* Modified iptables to allow ping out but not ping in.
* Updated functions.php, english.lang.php, and
* Bash script to perform backups added.
* Bash script to perform restores added.
* Disabled Dag Repository to prevent ntop upgrade. 
* Much, much more.

You can see the screenshots at:

0.3 is still a beta release and we would appreciate
feedback and suggestions.


Cory Claflin
Skynet-Solutions, Inc.

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