[Snort-users] snort- Bug in MySQL?

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Thu Mar 13 04:02:54 EDT 2008

Thanks for your response.
--> i doesn't have lots of data, so i think, that i don't need barnyard
... I think, that this is the main reason to use it?
--> Primary symptoms: 
     Database is Empty (whith the previous version of snort [] it
ran without any troubles ... )
Another solution is using the previous version.
 You should use unified output and use barnyard to read said unified
data and write into mysql. 
There are several well documented reasons for this on the web...


	> I'am relatively new in this group and have an unsolved problem
	> logging alerts to a MySQL-DB since the upgrade to Snort
	> If I run the configure-script: # ./configure --with-mysql,
there are no
	> errors.
	> My questions:
	> - Are there any essential changes on the new version?
	> - Could it be, that the problem is on my running-system
	what is the primary symptom?
	Snort wont build?
	Snort wont run?
	Database is Empty?

	> Thx
	> Salomon

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