[Snort-users] How can run Snort on 2 CPU?

Paul Melson pmelson at ...11827...
Sun Mar 2 08:28:16 EST 2008

On Sun, Mar 2, 2008 at 8:07 AM, bahamin takhtaei <b_takhtaei at ...131...> wrote:
> Whether we can run Snort on 2 CPU in a system?

There's no problem running Snort on an SMP-capable system with
multiple processors.  However, Snort is not multi-threaded and any one
instance will be running on one CPU.  At the moment, if you need
multiple CPUs to handle the traffic on a single interface, your best
option is to run multiple instances of Snort (no more than 1 per CPU
core on the sensor) and divide up the work with bpf filters.

Marty has announced that Snort 3.0 will be multi-threaded and be able
to use multiple CPUs for a single instance of the engine.


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