[Snort-users] frag3_engine policy in heterogeneous env.

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I don't know snort well enough to say which gets you the fewest false
positives or false negatives for evasion with an even blend of operating
systems.  But what I did, when faced with a similar situation, was to
run p0f on the port that snort would run on, then perl-ify the logfile
into a big list mapping internal IPs to operating systems, and
referenced that file from my snort.conf.  The script I used was pretty
ugly, but I could probably dig it up if it'd help.


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as far as i understand, the policies "emulate" the target host OS
defragmentation to avoid an evasion of the ids.

For now, we have a very heterogeneous environment and cannot map the
subnets to specific operating systems. In effect, the "bind-to" combined
with "policy xyz" is not applicable.

So, my guess is, i've to use one frag3_engine policy for all the traffic
(with possible evasion side effect to ids). The default engine is "BSD".

Is "BSD" a good choice for such a heterogeneous environment?

Thanks in advance, Chris.

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