[Snort-users] Undetected SQL Injection

Jason Haar Jason.Haar at ...294...
Mon Jun 23 19:13:56 EDT 2008

Curtis LaMasters wrote:
> I am running Snort 2.7 on my firewalls and have still somehow been SQL 
> injected.  I have the SQL rules, MySQL rules, IIS Rules, and a few 
> more but it sill did not detect.  Below I have part of the IIS log 
> where the injection (attempt) was done. I was hopeing someone could 
> shed some light on the problem. Please let me know if I need to 
> provide any additional information.

As the sample URIs you gave imply it was some sort of store, can I ask 
if it was HTTPS or HTTP? If it was over HTTPS, then snort wouldn't have 
been able to decipher it - as it's encrypted :-)

If you are using HTTPS, then you have to "convert" that traffic back 
into an unencrypted format before any analysis can be done. e.g. reverse 
proxies, Web Application Firewalls, etc.


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