[Snort-users] More questions on Snort/barnyard

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Thu Jan 31 13:01:41 EST 2008

Thanks Paul.

> 2) Why do I get this error?  How can I shut this off?  Is this warning a
> problem?
> WARNING: Unable to extract timestamp file extension from 'snort.log'

Shut what off?

Sudhakar: Why I get this warning? "WARNING: Unable to extract timestamp file
extension from 'snort.log'"

What can I do to turn off this warning?


> 3) What is a good size to set for files below?
># Two arguments are supported.
>#    filename - base filename to write to (current time_t is appended)
>#    limit    - maximum size of spool file in MB (default: 128)
>  output alert_unified: filename snort.alert, limit 128
>  output log_unified: filename snort.log, limit 128
> What happens when the file size (128) is reached? Does Snort die or

The defaults are fine.  When they're reached, snort simply starts a new

> 4) I briefly looked at implementation of barnyard. I may be wrong here.
> does barnyard poll the directory? Is it busy-looping?

It watches for new entries in the log.

> 5) What is the difference between alert and log?  I am thinking alert is
> human readable version.  What is the difference between snort.log and
> snort.log.timestamp?

You really need to learn how to do your own research.  Most of your
have already been asked hundreds of times and answered.


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The University of Texas at Dallas

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