[Snort-users] FATAL ERROR: Cannot check flow connection for non-TCP traffic

Security Admin (NetSec) secadmin at ...14289...
Mon Jan 28 12:11:22 EST 2008

I have googled for this error for a few months now (running latest for a few weeks now, and have not found a reasonable solution to this problem.  The cause appears to be in the udp rule set for just about every single udp rule across multiple rules sets.  The solutions I have found thus far have been to either modify the specific rule (which could take forever depending on the # of udp rules I have to modify), disabling the udp rule (again time-consuming) or disabling the rule set entirely.  I tried the third method, but with the amount of rulesets removed it left me with little to analyze.

I suspect a better solution is around, so if anyone knows and can respond, much appreciated.

FYI I am not running IpCop

Best Regards,

Edward Ray

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