[Snort-users] Snort on Ubuntu LTS

Tim Holmes w8tahradio at ...11827...
Sun Jan 13 11:51:12 EST 2008

HI folks:

My trusty Gentoo snort box has finally given up the ghost, and it is now
time to transfer to Ubuntu Server.  I am looking for a good guide for the
installation.  The only one i could find in google is several years out of
date.  I was wondering if the debian on on snort.org is close enough or if
there is a good one out there

The gentoo box is badly out of date, and when i updated all the rules,
apparently they are for a new version of snort and nothing works -- i want
to run snort and base and whatever else i need to make things work smoothly
and easilly

any and all help is GREATLY appreciated


Tim Holmes
W8TAH - Amateur Extra Operator
Medina County AEC
Skywarn Advanced Storm Spotter Certified
StormNet Chase 9
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