[Snort-users] custom ruletype (to mysql DB) is broken in snort

Agent Smith news8080 at ...131...
Wed Jan 2 16:55:24 EST 2008

I've been at this all freaking day today and can't get
anywhere so I am hoping that some snort programmer
will chime in and either point me to a doc or

All I am trying to do is use 'ruletype' to log all of
ssh hackers. I have the following in snort.conf and
then in local.rules I have a custom alert defined
which starts with 'redalert tcp blah blah...' 

I have two different mysql databases test(for
redalerts) and snort (for the rest of them) on local

If I change the redalert to alert and remove the
redalert defination from snort.conf all works fine, no
segfaults there and I can read the DB using BASE

---- from snort.conf -----
output database: log, mysql, user=snort password=pass
dbname=snort28 host=localhost
ruletype redalert
 type alert output
 output database: log, mysql, user=snort dbname=test
host=localhost password=pass
-------- ----------

and whenever I start snort with
/usr/local/snort- -v -c
/etc/snort-   --pid-path
/var/run1  -i eth2

it segfaults.

I read the snort2.0 book and found that you actually
have to do 'type alert output' and NOT 'type alert'
only like documented in snort.conf.sample file

I've tried changing type alert output to log output,
output database to alert instead of log to no avail.

I thought maybe this functionality is broken in this
release so I downgraded to 2.6 and it still segfaults
so I moved the snort from fc6 to a fresh install of
fc7 on a new machine - same damn thing. 

so I am clueless, it seems like a simple thing that a
lot of people would be using so I am hoping I'll get
some pointers here.

- Agent Smith.

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