[Snort-users] Snort on Mac OS X 10.2.8: Which version of Snort can I use?

Todd Wease twease at ...1935...
Wed Dec 24 01:59:30 EST 2008

Hi Ian,

Sorry about that.  Forgot some includes that are necessary to compile
with those changes.  Can you give it a try again with attached patch? 
And thanks for taking the time to test this out.  (Note, I don't think
you'll be able to compile with --enable-targetbased because one of
bison/flex might end up compiling their C files using uint* instead of
u_int* - all other configure options should hopefully be okay.)


Ian Masters wrote:
> Hi Todd
> Thanks for the suggestion
>> Can you try the attached patch and let us know if it fixes the compile
>> error.
>> $ cp mac1028.diff snort-
>> $ cd snort-
>> $ patch -p0 < mac1028.diff
>> $ libtoolize --automake --copy
>> $ aclocal -I m4
>> $ autoheader
>> $ automake --add-missing --copy
>> $ autoconf
>> $ ./configure <your-configure-options>
>> $ make
> I tried the above, but libtoolize doesn't exist on my system so in order
> to take things further I tried with 'glibtoolize'. Then I was able to
> get as far as 'make' in your instructions but the compile error
> persists. I've pasted it in below my signature in case it might be useful.
> Thanks
> Ian

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