[Snort-users] Munin plugins for Snort perfmon...

Edward Bjarte Fjellskål edward at ...11413...
Fri Dec 19 07:33:11 EST 2008


In light of having a performance issue on one of my sensors,
wondering how to go about it, I came by a forum thread:
and I did some quick munin plugins...

I have searched the web for such graphs for some time, with
no luck. I hope these will be useful to the community.

The graphs are generated by munin, which uses rrd-tool.
The graphs are updated each 5 minutes (depending on your
preprocessor perfmonitor settings though...)

Plungis for:

Drop Rate (%), Pattern Matching (%), Traffic speed (Mbits/s),
Alerts (per second), Avg KBytes/pkt and Avg Pkts/sec.

Plugins are found here:

Picture of how the trend graphs look like here:

Blog post about it here:
Thoughts and comments are welcome :)

An expert comment on the forum thread above would be nice :)

Hacky Xmas and such...


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