[Snort-users] Upgrading from Snort v2.3.2 to

Joel Esler eslerj at ...11827...
Tue Dec 9 21:42:12 EST 2008

On Dec 9, 2008, at 8:01 PM, Ian Masters allegedly wrote:

> 3. MySQL's DB schema changed to minimum version 107, hence the  
> following
> error:
> FATAL ERROR: database: The underlying database seems to be running an
> older version of the DB schema (current version=106, required minimum
> version= 107).
> Back to the list archives to try and sort that out: I have information
> in the current DB that I want to retain.

Ian, I suggest that you output to unified.  Then use a third party  
tool, like Barnyard or SnortUnified.pm to parse the Unified file and  
insert into the db.  Inserting into the DB directly from Snort, is bad.


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