[Snort-users] error on "make" in so_rules

Rachmat Hidayat Al-Anshar rachmat_hidayat_02 at ...131...
Tue Apr 22 11:16:58 EDT 2008

Hi Jeffrey, thanks for responding :)
 > The so_rules directory needs to be located in the
 > Snort source
 > directory (snort-2.8.1/so_rules) when compiled.  So
 > unless you keep
 > the source in /etc/snort...
 Actually, I was rename the snort's directory from
 'snort-2.8.0' becomes 'snort'. 
 The so_rules being located at /etc/snort/so_rules when
 # ls
 _meta.h                                 p2p.c
 _meta.o                                 p2p.o
 bad-traffic_pgm-nak-overflow.c          p2p_winny.c
 category-build.pl                       pcre.h
 dos_igmpv3.c                            pcreposix.h
 # pwd
 # make
 building p2p ... cc -c -ggdb -I. -I.. -I../..
 -I../src/dynamic-examples/dynamic-rule/ -fPIC
 -fno-stack-protector -D DETECTION_LIB_NAME=\"p2p\" -o
 p2p.o p2p.c
 cc -c -ggdb -I. -I.. -I../..
 -I../src/dynamic-examples/dynamic-rule/ -fPIC
 -fno-stack-protector -D DETECTION_LIB_NAME=\"p2p\" -o
 _meta.o _meta.c
 ld: p2p_*.o: No such file: No such file or directory
 *** Error code 1
 Stop in /etc/snort/so_rules (line 22 of Makefile).
 > The snortrules-snapshot-CURRENT.tar.gz currently
 > available from
 > snort.org, registered user release, version 2.8,
 > released on
 > 2008-03-11, has a problem with the so_rules
 > Makefile.  I reported this
 > on 15 Mar 2008.  Matthew Watchinski says this issue
 > is in the bug
 > tracking system.
 Thanks for the information :)
 > >
 > >
 > >  What should I do to solving that kind of problem?
 > >  nb: My Snort box is an OpenBSD4.1 machine.
 > >
 > It would help to know the version of Snort and rules
 > that you are using.
 I beg a pardon, my bad.
 Its Snort-2.8.0 with pretty old version of 
 snortrules-snapshot-CURRENT. I am using this 
 for testing purpose only and there is no 
 bug from implementation at another machines.
 Thanks in advance
 Rachmat Hidayat Al Anshar
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