[Snort-users] Team0x42 Snort rules

Nigel Houghton nigel at ...1935...
Tue Apr 8 08:15:40 EDT 2008

On 4/7/08 5:01 PM, "TheWell" <TheWell at ...14327...> wrote:

> Some good snort rules by Team0x42
> Shellcode detection, Web attack detection, DoS detection and web-misc rules
> You can download the rule set from:
> http://team0x42.homeunix.org/projects.html

Thanks for the effort to write and share your rules. Honestly though, they
do need a little work. Your best bet is to join the snort-sigs mailing list
and submit your efforts there. It is the best place to get constructive and
useful feedback on your rules. We are always happy to help people who listen
and make the effort to produce good work.

Take note of the comments in this thread about the encoding of shellcode and
reducing the number of rules by using a modification to your pcre options.
It would also help people to know what version(s) of snort you tested your
rules against.

Cross-posting this to snort-sigs so that the discussion might continue

Nigel Houghton
Resident Hooligan

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