[Snort-users] Aanval Build 30222 Available & New Forum

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Tue Sep 18 01:07:09 EDT 2007

All; Aanval 3.2 Build 30222 is available for download and build /  
change notes are shown below.

In addition, we have brought back the Aanval Forum for our customers  
and users and it is available @ http://www.aanval.com/forum/

Aanval Update (build update for v3.2)
* The tar.gz is available for download @ http://www.aanval.com/ 

View Aanval Videos
* Aanval Installation Demonstration		http://www.aanval.com/? 
* Aanval Upgrade Demonstration		http://www.aanval.com/? 
* Enabling a Snort Sensor				http://www.aanval.com/? 
* Creating a Syslog Source File Sensor	http://www.aanval.com/? 
* Creating a Syslog Device Sensor		http://www.aanval.com/? 
* Creating an MySQL Database		http://www.aanval.com/? 

Build / Change Notes
* Mail System Compatibility Updates
* Installer Automated Maintenance Updated
* Series 2 to Aanval 3 Migration Tool Updated
* Added optional GZip compression feature for dataStore event storage  
(See DataStore Manager)
* Significantly updated the word / string indexing operations to be  
more accurate and provide more results (you may re-index your  
dataStores to take advantage of the changes)
* Users no longer need to disable Actions during a re-index to  
prevent triggering the actions again
* Ignored events are no longer displayed in live monitor views
* Migration tool has been updated to retrieve input from older  
versions of PHP
* Action processing module has received a few minor updates
* Added index loop protection value (systems who were experiencing  
index looping)
* Added the ability to selectively re-index data stores (Maintenance  
Tab of the Data Store Manager)
* Added the ability to permanently delete data and index stores  
(Maintenance Tab of the Data Store Manager)
* Added date search fix for systems having trouble with date searches  
failing with 0 results (applies only to new events)
* Session update includes new feature to detected if PHP  
session.save_path is invalid (fixes some users login refreshing)
* Indexer update to resolve indexer jumping ahead of data storage system

Aanval 3.2 Screenshots:
http://www.aanval.com/images/Aanval3.2/1.png (Main Console)
http://www.aanval.com/images/Aanval3.2/2.png (Summary)
http://www.aanval.com/images/Aanval3.2/3.png (Frequent Events)
http://www.aanval.com/images/Aanval3.2/4.png (Live Event Monitor)
http://www.aanval.com/images/Aanval3.2/5.png (Data Store Manager)
http://www.aanval.com/images/Aanval3.2/6.png (Console Status)
http://www.aanval.com/images/Aanval3.2/7.png (Event Details View)

Aanval 3.2 Live Demo:


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020 8133 6907 (+44)

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Sydney, Australia
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