[Snort-users] Reminder - Live Q&A call with Judy Novak - Tuesday

Mike Guiterman mike.guiterman at ...1935...
Mon Sep 17 13:07:42 EDT 2007

Hi everyone,

I'd like to remind you that Sourcefire will be hosting a live Q&A 
session with Judy Novak of the Sourcefire VRT on Tuesday, September 18 
at 10:00 AM EDT (GMT -04:00, New York).  During this session Judy will 
answer your questions on her presentation covering importance of stream 
reassembly in Snort.  If you haven't already viewed the session, a 
recording is posted on Snort.org.  A link is included below.  The 
presentation is based on two recently published papers authored by Judy 
and Steve Sturges of the Snort team.

To register for this meeting:
1. Go to https://sourcefire.webex.com/sourcefire/j.php?ED=2221048&RG=1 
2. Register for the meeting.
3. Check for confirmation email with instructions on how to join

The recorded presentation is available at:

The Papers:

Target-based TCP Stream Reassembly is available at: 
Target-based TCP Timestamp Stream Reassembly is available at: 

We hope to have you on the call.


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