[Snort-users] snort segfaults on amd64

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Sat Sep 1 09:54:18 EDT 2007

I too cannot run snort on AMD64.

All segfault during initialization. 

2.6.x running on fedora core 6
2.7 on fc6 and ubuntu edgy and fiesty
3.0 on ubuntu edgy only.

The only backtrace I can generate on the above is for the 3.0.0 alpha.  That
box is the only one with debugging.
I now only have two fc6 boxes running snort 2.7 (soon 2.8 on one of them)
fine on intel P4's, but no longer any with AMD64 so I cannot provide any
backtraces for that.  Where should one send a backtrace?  Since the only one
I can get is for the alpha I would imagine to send it directly to Marty?


James Friesen, CIO
Lucretia Enterprises
info at lucretia dot ca

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I'm getting segfaults (in about a day of operation) with snort on
amd64 (./configure --enable-prelude --with-mysql
--enable-dynamicplugin) and pretty much default config (except for prelude
and some disabled rulesets) and VRT rules.

Is there a known problem or should I try to debug it further?


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