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Matt Jonkman jonkman at ...4024...
Mon Nov 26 00:38:49 EST 2007

I have very exciting news in light of my leaving Bleeding Edge Threats.

I've received funding to start a new project called Emerging Threats.
This is funded indirectly by the Army Research Office and the National
Science Foundation. There will be a wide range of projects and research
we pursue. I can't tell you how exciting this development is, and what I
hope it'll mean to the open security community.

We'll be working very closely with Cyber-TA, the group that most
recently produced BotHunter and the Highly Predictive Blacklists
available through Dshield. The resources and tools coming available will
very much change how we create and manage intelligence and threat

I will be sharing more as I get things running and defined, but rest
assured that we will be bringing some very novel ways to generate and
test threats and attacks, gather and use intelligence, generate and
manage signatures, and much much more. The same spirit of open
distribution and community cooperation will resound in the new project,
especially since it's grant funded!

Keep an eye on www.emergingthreats.net. It's not up yet, but will be in
teh weeks to come. I'll also be making another announcement once we get

There will be a great deal of room for partnerships and volunteers, so
please ping me if you see something of benefit, or something you might
be able to contribute.

More soon!!!


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