[Snort-users] BASE 1.3.9 (anne) Released

Kevin Johnson kjohnson at ...13165...
Tue Nov 20 22:02:04 EST 2007

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The BASE project team is thrilled to announce that the 1.3.9 (anne)
release of the Basic Analysis and Security Engine (BASE) is available
for download from http://base.secureideas.net

This release is the next in a series of improvements that we hope
make BASE the best choice in IDS analysis and reporting.  With this
release we have continued to fix bugs that are reported.  The most
notable fix in this release was a fix for a XSS vulnerability.  We have
also fixed a number of other bugs that have annoyed and bothered our

We would also like to announce a few updates and changes within the
project. First, we would like to welcome a new project co-lead Sean
Muller.  Sean is taking Joel Esler's place helping guide the project as
we move into the future.  Sean will also allow Kevin to go back to
focusing on development issues and releasing the long awaited Second
BASE (otherwise known as BASE 2.0).

Again, we would like to thank everyone for their support and if there
are any problems, please either contact us at base at ...12400... or
post to the sf.net site at http://sourceforge.net/projects/secureideas

Kevin Johnson, Sean Muller and the BASE project team

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