[Snort-users] Problem updating Snort Rules on IPCop 1.14.16

Mike Guiterman mike.guiterman at ...1935...
Tue Nov 20 11:22:29 EST 2007

For those of you who are having an issue updating Snort Rules with IPCop 1.14.16.  The IPCop team has published a solution on http://ipcop.org/.  The text is also below.  Thanks to Jukka for sending this in!


"If you update snort rules actually, snort now will fail to start.
The reason is that now snort.org publish rules now on *current* branch 
that are no more compatible with snort-

To fix the issue, you would need to manually change the URL for rules 
download and load again the rules that will be accepted by snort-

Change has to be made on /usr/local/bin/snortrules.pl
my $rulesbranch="current";
my $rulesbranch="2.6";

2.6 branch was not available until recently.

You may have to wait 15 mn after a previous rules load to be allowed to 
load rules again.

This problem is fixed on next IPCop release that will be published soon 
for testing and should be officially released the 25 November."

Have a great day.


Mike Guiterman
Snort Community Manager
Sourcefire, Inc.

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