[Snort-users] HELP: "Segmentation Fault" as result of wwwboard passwd.txt attack

Rachmat Hidayat Al-Anshar rachmat_hidayat_02 at ...131...
Sun Nov 11 09:24:27 EST 2007

hi guys, 

i decided to use pre-patched snort-snortsam-2.7.0 instead snort-2.8.0 with snortsam-patch-2.8.
i compile it with ./configure --enable-dynamicplugin --enable-perfprofiling --with-mysql=/usr/ \
bin/ --with-mysql-includes=/usr/include/mysql/ --with-mysql-libraries=/usr/lib --enable-gre \

when i try to do wwwboard passwd.txt attack to the snort sensor, i get my snort sensor stop 
processing and show me "segmentation fault" issue. What was going on? 

i set my snort sensor also as web and database server.

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