[Snort-users] Barnyard

randy at ...13561... randy at ...13561...
Fri Nov 9 16:40:58 EST 2007

>> <SNIP>
>>> 2)  Don't have Snort writing directly to DB.  Please look into  
>>> Barnyard.
>>> Joel
>> Who is maintaining Barnyard? Is it abandonware now?
>> I've been tempted to start working on it myself, but I'm not sure if  
>> there is any effort already in place that hasn't been openly  
>> discussed yet.
>> Ideas? Comments?
>No, it's not abandonware.  There has been no need to update it because  
>the db schema, unified schema, and all others haven't changed in years.
>There are some licensing issues with Barnyard.  It is not GPL.

My wish is for Oracle and DB2 support. As far as I can tell, that isn't possible with 2.0. 

I didn't realize it wasn't GPL. How unfortunate.

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