[Snort-users] Snort Summary Web Pages

Michael Merrell merrelljm at ...125...
Fri Nov 9 13:41:37 EST 2007

I hope I'm doing this right and that I get some helpful responses. 
I've recently installed Snort and BASE on a Fedora Core 7 machine. I've secured the main page with a password following the instructions found on the Snort Documents page. However, while I'd like to keep the main page secure, I'd also like to post a real-time summary (just the number of alerts and traffic by protocol stuff) on a second web page that would not be secured. I'd like it set up so that anyone could view this summary but following the links would require a password.
I've been reading through documentation online without much success and I was hoping someone might be able to offer me some help.
I'd appreciate any suggestions and advice! Thank you!
- Michael M.
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