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Wed May 30 11:59:39 EDT 2007

I am trying to find some back information on SnortSam and I am unable to
access the snort archives.  Once again, is there some secret to doing
this.  Seems clicking on it is not enough.  


In the meantime, I will ask one more time.  I have installed snort
2.6.15 on FC4 with BASE.  I was interested in finding infiltrators via
SSH, FTP, etc protocol.  This has been done.  I was then told that I
could use and application called snortsam that will allow me send shuns
to our pix firewall.  


I have set up snortsam via a patch.  My only question is now, how do I
go about setting up the information about my pix in this application.  


I cannot find information on this anywhere.  I did not configure
snortsam, but used the patchsnort process. Therefore, I do not have a
snortsam.conf file.






Dwane Atkins


<mailto:atkinsd at ...9240...>  


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