[Snort-users] ADODB/BASE SET UP: snort on fedora 6.0

pearl carlo pearlcarlo at ...131...
Tue May 29 16:10:37 EDT 2007

hi all
i am using Base 1.2.7 version. downloaded the adodb495a.tgz and base 1.2.7.tar.gz packages..extracted in /var/www/html 
now when i am configuring the BASE by opening the browser by giving
http://localhost/base-1.2.7 the setup starts and shows me the following..

  Settings Config Writeable:Yes PHP Version:5.1.6 PHP Logging Level:ERROR][WARNING][PARSE
  when i proceed further to step 1 and gives the path to ADODB, it accepts and then at step 2 it asks for database type, name, host and all and when i enter all the parameters correctly then rather then going to step 3 it gives me following error...

ADONewConnection: Unable to load database driver

i have ensured that service httpd and mysqld are running properly..

Do anybody have solution  how to fix that..
thanking in advance.

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