[Snort-users] Hardware/Filtering for 1Gbps

Claudio Gonzales eldummy at ...11827...
Fri May 25 11:47:07 EDT 2007


I want to run Snort and Ntop in a 1Gbps link (usage is 50%-60%) with a
network tap that replicates all the trafic in various ports. I have 2
servers with Xeon 3,2 dual core (1066 Mhz FSB), 2 Gb of RAM (533 Mhz), RAID
1 of sata drives and Intel 85563 dual port Gb ethernet.

I want do distribute the load on the two servers. Can i do this efficiently
by analyzing disctinct rules/ip/port on each server? or, is it better to get
a device that do the load balancing?
is the hardware enough?

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