[Snort-users] Unable to install Snort on RHEL5

Alex Butcher alex.butcher at ...11254...
Tue May 15 07:30:40 EDT 2007

Dan Brummer wrote:
> Same error on both my RHEL5 servers using  
> I wonder if this is an issue:
> rpm -qa | grep libpcap 
> libpcap-0.9.4-8.1 
> libpcap-devel-0.9.4-8.1 
> libpcap-0.9.4-8.1  
> It shows two libpcaps installed and it won't let me remove any of them.

Presumably you're running an x86_64 distro on an Intel EM64T or AMD64 
platform, hence the i386 and x86_64 versions of the libpcap package 
which is normal on such distros.

> -Dan

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