[Snort-users] EasyIDS - A Snort/Centos/BASE install cd.

h h oakleeman at ...131...
Wed May 9 01:50:15 EDT 2007

I've put together an install cd based upon Patrick
Harper's guide to help with the number of Snort
installations I was having to do. It takes a computer
with two network cards and turns it into a dedicated
Snort box. It currently has Snort, BASE, ntop, &

I still consider myself somewhat of a Linux newbie but
following Patrick's guide allowed me to easily get
Snort working repeatedly. Since the guide has helped
me out so much I decided to make the install cd
publicly available.

Future versions will include real time e-mail alerts,
web based rule configurations, and a sensor-only
install option for reporting to a central server.

If you're in a position to test EasyIDS then please do
so and submit any feedback or comments that you might
have. If you aren't in a position to test it but know
someone that is then please let them know about the
I'm trying to get documentation added to the site as
fast as I can but for now you can find basic
installation instructions and a downloadable .iso at http://www.skynet-solutions.net/easyids.

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