[Snort-users] Compiling with mysql & mssql support

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Tue May 1 17:54:29 EDT 2007


I tried compiling with '--with-mssql' and it didn't complain, or at least 
not that I saw.  When I tried to compile previously without the relevant 
mysql-devel bits it complained loudly, so I expected it to do the same if 
there was something missing from the mssql environment. 

However, when I went to run snort it complained that this version wasn't 
compiled with mssql support.  It then suggested adding the switch (which I 
already did) or adding the database path, but in this instance the 
database is held elsewhere so I don't think the path concept would apply. 
Error message follows -
May  1 23:13:34 localhost snort[23378]: Daemon initialized, signaled 
parent pid: 23377
May  1 23:13:34 localhost snort[23378]: database: 'mssql' support is not 
compiled into this build of snort
May  1 23:13:34 localhost snort[23378]: FATAL ERROR: If this build of 
snort was obtained as a binary distribution (e.g., rpm, or Windows), then 
check for alternate builds that contains the necessary 'mssql' support. If 
this build of snort was compiled by you, then re-run the the ./configure 
script using the '--with-mssql' switch. For non-standard installations of 
a database, the '--with-mssql=DIR' syntax may need to be used to specify 
the base directory of the DB install.  See the database documentation for 
cursory details (doc/README.database). and the URL to the most recent 
database plugin documentation.

I read through README.database as suggested in the error message but I 
didn't see anything that helped in this case.

Does anyone know of any step by step stuff for getting snort and mssql 
working ?  I know I should be getting snort to write unified output to 
barnyard and not directly to the database, but
1) this is a proof of concept environment at the moment - I just want to 
get it working first and *then* optimise it
2) from what I have found to date barnyard doesn't have a plugin for mssql

Thanks for any suggestions.

David Ryan
IT Security Engineer, Global IT Security
Quintiles, Global IT - Infrastructure, QDUB

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