[Snort-users] Snort v2.7 Release Candidate 2 is available

Mike Guiterman mike.guiterman at ...1935...
Fri Jun 29 16:27:19 EDT 2007

Hi everyone,

Snort 2.7 RC2 is now available in the download section of Snort.org

FEATURE Highlights:
- RC2 is a source release only

- 2.7 RC1 binaries are functionally equivalent to the RC2 source code 

- The source code release includes additional language regarding GPL v2 
licensing in the LICENSE and COPYING files. For more information on this 
see Marty's news item on the home page.

- Target-based stream reassembly, including handling of TCP data 
overlaps, anomalous TCP header flags, etc on a per-destination basis. 11 
different target-based policies are supported. See README.stream5 for 
specific configuration options for operating system targets.

- UDP session tracking

- Stream5 replaces BOTH Stream4 & Flow -- should disable both of these 
when Stream5 is enabled.

- Option to emulate Stream4 flushing behavior

Keep on Snorting


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