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Fri Jun 22 18:28:18 EDT 2007

Additionally at least as of 1.2.7 of BASE the archiving was still not
optimized for speed or performance, so it will be a very slow and lengthy
process.  Typically I recommend that you archive more frequently, and then
simply dump the archive database every month or so (depending on your
traffic).  I seldom archive anything after 45 days.  In a high
traffic/logging environment you may wish to keep even less.  


James Friesen, CIO
Lucretia Enterprises
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On Fri, Jun 22, 2007 at 03:23:05AM -0700, David Ryan wrote:
> There seems to be a problem with the archiving function, but I don't 
> know if I am using it incorrectly.  I had one particular alert with 
> 15,000+ events, so I went in to the view of unique alerts, selected 
> the relevant icon on the list and selected 'archive (move) selected' 
> from the actions.
> After a long time the transaction seemed to finish OK, but when I went 
> in to look at it again there was still some large number of these 
> events . . . maybe 5,000+.
> I checked the archive database and many of the entries had been moved.  
> I repeated the procedure and it came down to 1,000+ events.  Then I 
> repeated it and it left 1.
> No matter how many times I repeat, this 1 event will not move.
> So, here's the question - how come when I asked BASE to move all the 
> records of a particular type it only moved part of them, and how come 
> it refuses to move the last transaction ?
> It makes me a bit wary of the archive funtion if it has this type of 
> issue.


php knows a timeout for each script. BASE increases this timeout a little
bit, but not enough for such a huge number of alerts.
In base_conf.php look for a line like

	$max_script_runtime = 180;

Set this to 6000 or whatever:

	$max_script_runtime = 6000;

Bye, bye,


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