[Snort-users] Everything being triggered as 1:486:4 ICMP unreachable

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Tue Jun 5 06:17:14 EDT 2007


Thanks for the reply.  It was indeed a firewall issue - the device I was scanning was sending ICMP Host Administratively Unreachable packets when I tried certain scans, so I was seeing those packets.  As per the detail below I wasn't seeing the original traffic because of a problem with the _NET definitions.


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David Ryan wrote:
> All,
> To partly reply to my own question - one of my flaws was keeping
> $HOME_NET as - this prevented most of my test traffic from
> triggering since my tests were coming from $HOME_NET and not
> $EXTERNAL_NET.  This was significant where the rule I was testing was
> of the form $EXTERNAL_NET -> $HOME_NET

> David

Sounds like it might be a firewall issue.  This response is usually sent
by a firewall to say that it's filter won't allow communication with
that host/port.  It may be allowing ssh to that host (port 22) and may
be allowing pings, but not allowing the host/port combo used in your test.


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