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Thanks to all who answer, but this was not the forum to present this
issue.  I will try another forum, but you are correct.  A reload is
probably the best option at this time.


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Atkins, Dwane P wrote:
> I am having an awful time getting YUM configured on FC 4.  I cannot
> install the tar file nor can I uninstall the old one. 
> I just want to get something that will allow me to do updates.  I can
> use apt, but do I need yum uninstalled first?

There are no more updates for Fedora Core 4, so no matter what tool you
you're out of luck.

Older fedoras used to be supported by the fedora legacy project, but
project shut down.

You can probably pick up some updates here and there scattered
throughout the
community, but there is no coordinated central update source for FC4.

That's the downside of fedora, you need to re-install your server every
months as they rapidly abandon support for old releases.


At present, they're on FC7, which was released over a month ago, so FC5
is now
discontinued. The only supported fedoras are 6 and 7.

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