[Snort-users] EasyIDS 0.2 released

h h oakleeman at ...131...
Mon Jul 30 15:00:00 EDT 2007

Hey everybody, 
We are pleased to announce that EasyIDS 0.2 is now
available for download. This release includes an
entirely redesigned web interface and scripts to make
management of EasyIDS even easier. 
We've made the following changes for this release: 
Designed around Centos 4.5 cd1 with updates. 
Snort mysql user password randomly generated at
Upgraded Snort to 
Removed Snort mysql output. 
Implemented Barnyard 0.2 with unified output. 
HTTP request redirects to HTTPS. 
Apache authentication enabled. 
GPL Acceptance page added. 
Menu-driven multi-language capable web application
Upgraded BASE to customized version 1.3.8. 
Removed BASE authentication. 
Moved BASE to /base subdirectory. 
NTOP proxied through apache. 
NTOP port 3000 rule removed from Iptables. 
Added phpSysInfo version 2.5.3. 
Settings page with service restart added. 
Snort network configuration page added. 
Snort ruleset enable/disable page added. 
Snort rule update configuration page added. 
System status page with reboot/shutdown added. 
Configuration file editing page added. 
JavaSSH Terminal page added. 
Bash script to change hostname added. 
Bash script to change web password added. 
Bash script to set timezone and keyboard type added.

You can see the screenshots at:
0.2 is still a beta release and we would appreciate
feedback and suggestions. 
Cory Claflin
Skynet-Solutions, Inc.

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