[Snort-users] Configuring Barnyard with Bleeding threat rules

Christopher Rommel cromme1 at ...14159...
Tue Jul 24 15:45:06 EDT 2007

I am having an issue with Barnyard providing me the correct alert
information via the BASE console. I am running the following command:
barnyard -c /etc/snort/barnyard.conf -g /etc/snort/gen-msg.map -s
/etc/snort/bleeding-sid-msg-map.txt -d /var/log/snort -f snort.log -w

On BASE, the alert information is displayed as follows: Snort Alert
In the bleeding-sid-msg-map.txt file, the ID 2000562 corresponds to:

2000562 || BLEEDING-EDGE VIRUS OUTBOUND Suspicious Email Attachment

Does anyone have any ideas as to why I am not seeing "BLEEDING-EDGE VIRUS OUTBOUND Suspicious Email Attachment" for the alert as opposed to Snort Alert [1:2000562:0]?



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