[Snort-users] Snort v2.7.0 improve performance with lowmem search method on pcap file!

rmkml rmkml at ...953...
Sun Jul 22 17:08:29 EDT 2007

Snort v2.7.0 improve performance, on same pcap file:
  snort 2615 : 60s
  snort 270  : 30s
search method used is lowmem and snort conf is similar (as possible),

if I change to ac-bnfa, on same pcap file :
  snort 2615 : 62s
  snort 270  : 36s

lowmem use 103Mo of memory and acbnfa use 111Mo on snort 270.
alert number: 270=25486,2615=25585 , test repeated 10x.
tested on linux fedora core 7 x86 laptop plateform
Best Regards
Crusoe Researches

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