[Snort-users] [Bleeding-sigs] RE: What's up with Snort'slicense?

Victor Julien lists at ...14129...
Fri Jul 20 10:05:11 EDT 2007

Alan Shimel wrote:
> Matt
> You are the only one I have heard from so far, but would love to do
> this.  Marty how about it?  Victor, how about you?
Hi Alan,

Thank you for your offer to participate in your podcast. I'm going to
turn the offer down however. Matters of Open Source licensing are for
many people a very delicate subject in which emotions can easily run
high. This is a reason I, with the help of William, have been very
careful in my choice of words and tone. I fear that in a live discussion
I will not be able to do this as good as I wish, especially considering
I'm not a native speaker. This is why I've been avoiding discussing the
subject on IRC as well.

Thanks again,

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