[Snort-users] [Bleeding-sigs] RE: What's up with Snort's license?

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Thu Jul 19 19:46:38 EDT 2007

I'm in, and I think that'd be an excellent way to get us all on the same

Great idea Alan.


Alan Shimel wrote:
> Hopefully this will not bounce, as I registered this email address on
> the list.
> With all of the back and forth regarding these issues I would like to
> invite Marty, Matt Jonkman, Victor and maybe some of the other folks who
> have written to appear on my podcast that I do weekly.  We can do it
> with either with live call ins for questions or have people submit their
> questions.  I think it will be a great chance to clear the air and give
> everyone their say and then hopefully put these issues to bed once and
> for all.  Marty, Matt, Victor, et al, what do you say?  Would you be
> willing to get on a panel and discuss these issues?
> Let me know
> alan
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> Appreciate the reply Marty. I'm the person who said you'd slipped this
> in on
> a Friday before a long weekend. I mentioned that because that's what
> happened the last time SF did something and then didn't communicate with
> the
> community for weeks afterwards. 3.0 license release I think it was maybe? I
> forget. But had someone mentioned that you had to do this in a rush because
> of outside factors we'd have known different....
> And that time, and the time before, (and probably the time before that
> you said SF was in the wrong by not putting out a note that something was
> changing right away, or even that you had to do something and would be
> explaining it shortly. When SF goes into a communication blackout it's
> quite
> obvious. The "I'm too busy" thing frankly doesn't sound plausible. Over two
> weeks is more than enough time for anyone to send out an email that says
> "We're aware of the situation, we'll update you shortly". If you were
> spending the time waiting for legal review then say so. And let us know up
> front that's what we're waiting for. Otherwise you just foment the
> conspiracy theories and undermine the corporate confidence that snort will
> remain stable and community oriented. But I think we've had this
> conversation before, so I won't beat the dead horse any longer.
> I haven't a problem with you protecting code and your rights, but the
> willy-nilly changing of others copyright is not something that should
> happen
> by accident. That's not like changing the colors on a website, that's
> sacred
> ground. Rushing through that was a huge hit to trust.
> So my questions:
> Will the coders that have more than trivial portions of code in snort be
> receiving a proportional chunk of the money you make when on relicensing
> Snort under the commercial license? Future and historical contracts? That
> seems a fair thing to do, unless you intend to buy out their copyright?
> That'd be fair as well. But in protecting the authors of Snort (yourself
> and
> others), you've got to consider all of them when the money flows.
> If they're not to be reimbursed under your relicensing revenue, do they
> then
> also have the right to sell snort under a commercial license of their own?
> Why's CVS down still? Why was it down in the first place?
> Have you had the time now to identify exactly what issues in GPLv3 are an
> issue for SF? I've seen talk of the patent prohibition stuff as being a
> possible issue. Is that what's a concern for SF?
> To be clear: I do appreciate your stewardship of Snort. Better
> communication
> would not put so many into a default hostile and suspicious stance.
> Matt
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> Hi everyone,
> I posted this message on my blog a few minutes ago, please read it 
> and let me know what you think if you're interested in Snort 
> licensing issues.
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