[Snort-users] FOSS system console project - applicable to Snort?

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Thu Jul 19 14:02:45 EDT 2007


I've got an open source system console/config. management project called
NetDirector - www.netdirector.org - that I think could have some
applicability to Snort.  NetDirector is modular so that adding services that
NetDirector can manage is done by writing plugins that snap into your
existing NetDirector deployment.  We have LDAP, Kerberos, RHN (v4) and an
SSH plugin.  When you deploy NetDirector, it comes with the ability to
manage the following Common UNIX services:  Apache, BIND, Samba, DHCP,
Sendmail, Postfix, NFS, VSFTP, Users and Groups.  NetDirector Server Manager
is Java and the Agents are Python.  Agents have been tested on Linux and
Solaris, server manager is best run on Linux, but it's possible to compile
it on Solaris.

NetDirector works by parsing the .conf files for the services it manages,
and it can do stuff like make a change to multiple servers at the same time,
let's you schedule changes for the future with a calendar, it does automatic
revision control and change rollback and role based access that you can set
by server and service.

I'd love to get Snort users' thoughts on and interest level in a NetDirector
plugin to manage Snort

Thanks in advance!


Greg Wallace
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