[Snort-users] Aanval 3.1.30161 Released (Snort / Syslog Correlation)

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Tue Jul 3 13:52:26 EDT 2007

Aanval 3.1, Build 30161 is now available. This is a short update  
email on the changes made within the last few build releases.

Aanval is the leading web-based snort and syslog interface for  
correlation, management and reporting. Protecting Domestic and  
Foreign Governments, Fortune 50 Enterprises, Global Financial  
Institutions and local Small Businesses since 2003.

Aanval Website

See our live Aanval 3 Demo Now!
Online Demo: http://www.aanval.com/demo/

Unfamiliar with Aanval 3?
Aanval 3 brings many new enhancements and features including the  
ability to manage more than 1 Billion events from snort and / or  
syslog sources. The following link provides a short listing of some  
of Aanval 3's new features.

In addition to the new build, we have added several short quicktime /  
video installation and configuration guides @ Aanval.com. See the  
docuWeb link below to view the newly added video guides. These  
include videos of the installation process, syslog module, snort  
module and more.


New Features, Enhancements and Fixes for Build 30161:
* Added Email Event option to all Event Detail Displays
* Added Custom Notes for Email Event option in all Event Detail Displays
* Changed main console screen to include most recent events
* Added summary tab to main console screen
* Added new sortable columns to most table listing displays  
throughout console
* Changed polling time for "Events Per Second" display to 5 from 2  
* Added System Option to toggle: on browser load or real-time "Events  
Per Second"
* Added a check to clear memory for polling features to prevent  
overload of web server
* Added 10k limit to eventImport.sts status tracking file
* Updated User Manager look / feel
* Added delete user confirmation screen to user manager
* Added disable user option to user manager
* Added disabled user listing to user manager
* Updated Syslog Module to use defaults (source, protocol, port) if /  
when empty
* Updated customization module
* Added select boxes and several list box actions to the primary  
event browsing display
* Added new optional floating charts / graphs feature to the primary  
event browsing display
* Adjusted HTML report output to be more screen real estate friendly

All Release Notes: http://www.aanval.com/?op=pub_releaseNotes


Download Aanval 3: http://www.aanval.com/downloads/ -- or use your in  
console auto update feature (for 3.x series consoles only)

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